Artists Statement

I have always been attracted to architecture and more specifically the materials in buildings and the interior aspects of homes.  I am fascinated by the way concrete ages, how wood becomes distressed and how steel and metal changes color over time.  I am attracted to the beauty of ordinary materials and objects which are often thrown away and I take pleasure in giving these materials that have survived against all odds the presentation they deserve.  I use these materials in my artwork to symbolize the natural aging process of one’s own life and thus highlight the beauty of aging.   I also use ordinary objects found in unusual places to symbolize the differences of people….and particularly individuals who are seldom noticed and often overlooked.



Sharon Kyle is known for her use of texture and materials.  These works explore the basic elements of change in our life.

I am attracted to the beauty of ordinary materials and objects...

Sharon grew up in an industrial area close to Houston.  She worked in commercial real estate for several years before attending the art program at New York University.   Sharon received her BS in art education in 1996 and since then she has worked in educational sales as well as has shown in a variety of institutions and has participated in artist residencies at Virginia Center for the Arts and Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts in Wyoming.

Sharon shares her time between Houston and the Sierra Foothills of Northern California.


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