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"Sharon uses the unrefined edges of our world to create deeply textured contemplative statements. The rawness and energy of her work completely transform spaces.”

Kristy Darnell Battani, Artist and Friend

"From large-scale installations to more intimate works, Sharon Kyle Kuhn creates assured and fully realized work that continuously engages me. Utilizing unconventional materials, such as asphalt, metal wire and concrete, Kuhn’s singular work is transformative, both in this artist’s assured and elegant compositions, and in the profound response by viewer. "

Phillip M. Bewley, Curator/Gallerist, Fine Art Advisor

"I've been in love with Sharon's work from the first moment I saw it.  Her playful yet serious use of found objects makes you want to get up close and unravel their mystery--sometimes unexpected and bizarre, yet somehow familiar.  Something common, or not-so-common, always used in a fabulous way.   She is supremely talented in using materials--whether asphalt, wire, concrete, encaustic, metal or wood--to create bold and stunning works of art. "

Courtney Norris, Curator, Owner of Curated State 

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