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The History of Mudpies

The feeling of mud in your hands stimulates your senses as it squishes between your fingers. Shapes begin to form and the endless possibilities of what can be done with dirt and water flood your imagination.

As a child, I played at my Grandmother’s house in a small east Texas town northeast of Huntsville, Texas.   A young girl who lived only a short distance away and I would line the fence tops with mud pies.  Some were large and flat while others were more like homemade biscuits. These pies were not meant to be eaten by us; yet, in our imaginary world, the pies were delicious and could always be served to our dinner guests, the chickens.   We sat in the middle of these farm animals for hours and exchanged ideas and goals for the future as we delighted in the beauty of our homemade mud pies.   This activity nurtured my imagination and much later, my artwork.

jonathan gollins